How To Work With Bloggers and Influencers

How To Work With Bloggers and Influencers

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Grow your brand, reach, traffic and sales by getting top bloggers and influencers to talk about you – simples! But how?


First and foremost before you do any marketing you need to define your own brand and your target market(s). Who are you doing what you’re doing for? What types of people are purchasing from you? YouGov also has a really great customer profiling tool that you can use to build your own profiles by looking up the customer profiles of similar brands.

Also check out > 20 questions you should be able to answer about your brand.


Once you know who you are, you are ideally placed to find bloggers and social influencers that have a following similar to who you are trying to target. The more similar this is, the more likely this partnership is to work and the more receptive the blogger will probably be to working with you. Of course, they want to be talking about things to their audience that are as relevant and interesting as possible.

Use Google and social media to search for relevant influencers and create a list of websites and their social media channels. You can gauge from numbers of followers on social media and the amount of likes and interactions that they are getting how influential they are. As a rough guide something like 20,000+ is good, although you may want to work with someone with a lot less if the match is good and they have good interaction with their followers. For blogs you can use a domain authority checker tool to see how highly their website is rated (just copy and paste the list of websites into the tool). A score above 30 is very good.

Start to follow and connect with them and get to know their content. You’ll be much better placed to propose something to them in the future.


Most influencers will have a contact email address on their blog or social media page or send them a message on social to ask for it. Email bloggers individually and personally – never copy, paste and bcc. You cannot just email someone and ask them to write or talk about you without giving them a really good reason. These are good reasons (but will still depend on the blogger and how they like to work with people – you should be able to work out from past posts or their ‘work with me’ page how they have worked with brands in the past):

  • What you are telling them will be really interesting to their followers – exclusive information, an amazing competition or offer, something totally relevant
  • You are giving the blogger an experience that they want to do and have never done before or that is ‘money can’t buy’
  • You are paying them (although not all bloggers accept payments, most now prefer it)

The perception sometimes is that you can ask a blogger to talk about you and they will because they want the content, or that you can give them a freebie and they will write about you. The reality is that bloggers (especially the top ones) get so many freebies these days and can have up to six months content planned in advance that this really doesn’t interest them unless it is a truly amazing freebie / experience.


  • Make sure the event / venue is visually exciting and has good lighting and opportunities for pictures.
  • Get your own photographer there and send the bloggers the pictures to use afterwards.
  • Partner with other relevant brands to give them a great thank you goodie bag – also include in this bag the hashtag that you want the bloggers to use and the website and access code to download the professional pictures.

Have you had good results working with bloggers? Or are you a blogger with a particular pet hate about how some brands try and work with you?


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