What is a Marketing Mindset?

What is a Marketing Mindset?

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I’ve been thinking about what makes a marketer, a good marketer.

What is the marketing mindset, that after years of writing briefs, copy, proofing and critiquing, becomes second nature?

Of course, it won’t be possible to do all of these things, but you should always be striving for them, and as a marketer, it should frustrate the hell out of you if you can’t achieve them.


Believe in what you’re marketing
It’s no fun otherwise. Marketing isn’t magic. All the marketing in the world won’t make your business successful if your product/service is crap.

There’s no such thing as a pedantic marketer
Have insane attention to detail. You should be able to spot typos and double spaces at 30 feet!

Make a stand to focus on the activities you believe have the potential to generate the most revenue. Don’t just do the things that are easy or make generic flyers because you are being asked to. When writing things like ad copy, always put messages in order of importance.

Tell people what you want them to do
Every campaign needs a call to action and also try to create a sense of urgency, e.g. “Book your Christmas party by Friday to get a free bottle of Champagne by calling Michelle on 555-555.”

Always look for inspiration
We don’t call it copying, we call it ‘being inspired’! What are your competitors doing that’s working for them? What are other brands doing that gives you content envy?

Be original
Try not to say things if your competitors wouldn’t say the opposite (think about that for a minute!) For example, it’s not original or enticing to say that your product is ‘quality’ or ‘good value for money’.

Is it working?
Have specific goals and a way of tracking and measuring everything you do – otherwise what’s the point?

Critique and analyse
This especially fun when done to other people’s marketing efforts – signage, adverts, menus, tweets – everything, always. But also try and do it to your own campaigns – how could it have been done better?

Innovate or die
Time stands still for no marketer. Keep on top of the latest trends and techniques. Be brave and don’t be afraid to fail. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried enough stuff.

Remember the people
It doesn’t matter the channel, the product, the trends – the goal of every campaign is to connect with people, a person. They might not be like you, they might not like the same things or make the same assumptions. What do they want?


At some point in October I’ll be sending out a marketing calendar for 2017 with key dates that you can plan your 2017 content and campaigns around. I’ll also be using some keyword research for what people are searching for and when. If you’re not signed up for the email to receive the blogs, scroll down and pop your email address in the footer now…

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