Marketing Calendar of Events 2017

Marketing Calendar of Events 2017

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I’ve tried to take a little bit of the ball-ache out of your 2017 planning by creating this events calendar for you…

N.B. As always my examples used tend to lean towards the hospitality / travel & tourism industry but this can be relevant for every business in creating or inspiring content and marketing activities. It’s also largely for the UK (obviously) and a bit London-centric.


(This is a ‘view only’ version so none of you can go in and inadvertently delete it but if you want an editable copy then drop me an email and I’ll send you one.) It’s also in list format below (good for my SEO!)

How you could use it (and how you definitely shouldn’t)

  • Use this as a template for your own events calendar – adding events that are personal or unique to you or your area / industry.
  • Plan in advance – it’s going to take you the same amount of time but your efforts will undoubtedly be better thought out and you’ll have longer to promote them. You will also then be in a better position to piggyback on other people’s marketing efforts, for example, by submitting your events to local ‘what’s on’ listings, tourism weeks, industry news, festivals (e.g. offers included local restaurant festivals).
  • Always create relevance / a link back to your business… don’t just tweet “Happy #WinnieThePoohDay” and hope that someone will see your tweet when they click on the hashtag then buy a lawnmower off you. Not going to happen.
  • Use ‘National Days (of Crocodiles, Boxer Shorts, Three-Legged Dogs, etc.)’ for your content sparingly (see above point). I have included a few random ones for fun though!
  • (If relevant to your business) you could also use TV shows as inspiration for content / activity (look up their programming dates). Shows like GBBO, BGT, Shed of the Year, The X Factor.
  • Don’t get lost in the noise by always following the crowd. For example, if you’re a restaurant don’t just create a set menu/offer on Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, etc. That’s exactly what everyone else is doing at exactly the same time so what would make people want to come to you? Be a bit original but keep it relevant.
  • Your actions offline should give people a reason to talk about you, share your content and return to you. If someone comes to your restaurant and you have a list of events/offers coming up over the next year… e.g. Stargazing Night, Fawlty Towers Dinner, Murder Mystery… then you’ve got a lot more chance of staying at the forefront of their minds AND them coming back AND talking about you AND giving them a reason to follow you AND share your content on social.
  • Do some research over what people are searching for and when (relevant to your products / services) and plan your marketing activities and content around it. Use Google Trends. For example, ‘spa break deals’ searches peaks around the end of January / beginning of February. Do you know when searches for your products peak? You can also use Think With Google, take a look at their article on Halloween search term trends here.


Marketing Calendar of Events 2017 (in list format)

1st – New Year’s Day
16th – Most depressing day of the year
18th – Winnie the Pooh Day
25th – Burns Night
28th – Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster)

5th – Super Bowl
9th – National Pizza Day
14th – Valentine’s Day
15th – Singles Awareness Day
17th – London Fashion Week starts
26th – The Oscars
28th – Pancake Day

1st – St David’s Day
2nd – World Book Day
6th – British Pie Week
8th – International Women’s Day
17th – St Patrick’s Day
21st – World Poetry Day
24th – Red Nose Day
25th – English Tourism Week
26th – Mother’s Day and clocks go forward

1st – April Fool’s Day
2nd – Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race
8th – The Grand National
14th – Good Friday
15th – Easter Saturday
16th – Easter Sunday
17th – Easter Monday
23rd – St George’s Day & London Marathon

1st – Bank holiday
13th – Eurovision
23rd – RHS Chelsea Flower Show begins
27th – FA Cup Final
29th – Bank holiday

3rd – Champion’s League Final
18th – Father’s Day
20th – Royal Ascot begins
21st – Summer Solstice and Glastonbury starts

3rd – Wimbledon starts
9th – Pride London
14th – Bastille Day

4th – Edinburgh Festival starts
8th – International Cat Day
27th – Notting Hill Carnival (2 days)
28th – Bank holiday

10th – Grandparent’s Day
13th – Roald Dahl Day
15th – London Fashion Week starts
16th – 100 days until Xmas
19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day
22nd – Autumn Equinox
23rd – Invictus Games starts

5th – World Teacher’s Day
19th – Diwali
30th – Clocks go back
31st – Halloween

5th – Bonfire Night
23rd – Thanksgiving
24th – Black Friday
25th – Small Business Saturday
30th – St Andrew’s Day

24th – Christmas Eve
25th – Christmas
26th – Boxing Day
31st – New Year’s Eve


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hi please could you send me an editable copy of the marketing calendar?