Obsess about the Routine not the Resolution

Obsess about the Routine not the Resolution

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Research suggests it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. Presumably this is dependant on the size of the habit.

Start breaking your plans and resolutions right down and focus on something that is small enough to obsess over. If your resolution is to be early for work then start obsessing about being in bed or getting up at a certain time. Don’t worry about the getting to work bit, just obsess over being out of bed at that time and tell yourself you can do whatever you want once you’re up (I suggest putting on some very loud music!)

If your resolution is to lose weight or be more active then just obsess about getting out. It doesn’t matter the speed, distance or time, just that every day you will put your trainers on and leave the house or office. You don’t have to do a bit more each day, it doesn’t matter what you eat when you get back – just focus on setting one routine.

Make sure you have a routine to aim for with your business and marketing too. Start with the plan and then fill it with ideas, not the other way round. Commit to a weekly blog, a monthly event, an email newsletter and the ideas and content will come and they’ll improve each time.

There’s a great 2017 marketing calendar of events written here for you already to get your plan started.

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Name: Zeegee3 January 2017

Great short motivational read! Favourite one yet…

Name: Soph3 January 2017

Thanks ZeeGee!: )

Name: Soph3 January 2017

Did the pic sway your decision at all?