Staying safe, inspired and stress-free in 2018

Staying safe, inspired and stress-free in 2018

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Stay strong everyone… almost there. (Those of you who I’m receiving auto-reply “already out of office until January” messages from, good for you.)

I’ve spent a lot of December looking forward to 2018. This year has been jam-packed full of so many brilliant things that I’m determined to make next year try and compete if it can, instead of just giving up before the first hurdle. As a freelancer, I suppose time in the future always has a feel of a blank canvas that needs filling.

My new obsession #BuJo

Literally my favourite thing about Christmas is getting a new diary that I can then sit and fill with friends birthdays and plans for next year. This year, however, that won’t be happening as about two months ago I discovered bullet journaling (swoon). For someone who was probably already in the top 1% of the population for organisational skills, #BuJo has honestly changed my life in terms of productivity and therefore how much I’m enjoying my work.

>> (VIDEO) How to start your bullet journal

>> (VIDEO) How to use it for different things and make it pretty
(see also Pinterest, search ‘bujo’, ‘bullet journal’)

What I think 2018 holds

>> Customers digging deeper to find out what your genuine purpose and passion is. <<< >>> The creation of more communities. <<< >>> An overload of technology driving nostalgia. <<< >>> An arousal of old channels like newsletters and post. <<< >>> More craft. <<< >>> Part-time vegans. <<< >>> Long-haired lovers from Liverpool. <<<

(That last one was a joke.)

Stay safe, inspired and stress free in 2018

I saw Simon Sinek talk this year about feeling fulfilled, safe and inspired at work. How companies that “start with why” will succeed in the long run. I increasingly believe that work doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) stressful. You don’t have to feel guilty. You can take a break before your body is ready to completely shut down and all you can do with your time off is lie on the sofa watching old episodes of Big Bang Theory.

A boss or client putting too much pressure on you to get work done is not going to lead to great work or productivity for you or the company. It’s a bit like walking into a restaurant, yelling at the waiter to bring you your meal within five minutes and expecting it to be good (hopefully you’d be thrown out!) Standing up to this and re-educating ourselves and others takes a lot of practice.

Here’s to a relaxing and fulfilling Christmas and 2018.

(Photo by Muhd Asyraaf on Unsplash)


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