How Much Longer Can Facebook Last?

How Much Longer Can Facebook Last?

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I think my love affair of over a decade might be coming to an end.

My interest has been waning for a while, but in the last couple of months things have really taken a turn for the worst. My friends are ending their relationships too, so it looks like it’s inevitable. Me and Facebook are over.

I could tolerate the endless scrolling, friends checking in over dinner, the humble brags and the ads, but the balance of irrelevant versus meaningful content now means that my fingers aren’t even tempted to tap and scroll. After a ten year, twenty-a-day habit, Facebook must’ve done something wrong, and they have.

The reliability of their audience numbers and results metrics have been being questioned for years. Advertisers and users both continue to get frustrated at the amount of paid versus organic content that is being served, the amount of control that Facebook exerts over what we actually see and how much is even real or true. And the less we post and interact with meaningful content, the less Facebook knows about us to be able to serve us truly relevant ads and content. It’s a vicious downward spiral.

And Facebook knows this. ‘On This Day’ and ‘Friendaversarys’ are Facebook’s desperate attempt to try and remind us of the good old days, when we posted whole albums of nights out, wrote on friends walls and poked people. Trying to remind us that our relationship is worth saving. Well guess what Facebook? I don’t want to be reminded of my 2009 social media self, when I posted slightly cryptic statuses in the first person.

Does Facebook have the power to reverse this? You’d think so wouldn’t you? Personally I hope not. I think it’s exciting to see change, to see marketing and channels evolving. Hopefully making space for another, different hay day, like the 2013 Facebook era when new, brilliant content went viral with ease.

If anything this is a huge reminder that we can’t put all our eggs in one basket (eggs being your revenue and the basket being a single marketing channel). Over the past ten years I’ve heard it said many a time that small businesses don’t need a website, they just need a Facebook page. From a functionality and usability perspective this could be true for many, until Facebook turns into the Yellow Pages.

Companies need to bear this in mind for everything – if a lot of your income relies on one thing (namely another company) – AirBnB,, Facebook, etc., even if that company is currently booming, now’s the time to start building your direct strategy.

Do you feel the same? Let me know how your personal or business relationship with Facebook is fairing in the comments below.


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