Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar


Before you try and get started with complex marketing and event plans or social media content calendars, start with your editorial calendar. It’ll make you think about broad themes that will appeal to your target audience. It will get your creative juices flowing and be the perfect catalyst for more detailed plans to follow.

I created a fictional editorial calendar for a coffee shop. You can download the full image below and use the ideas or there’s an editable version here in Canva (please make a copy before you edit so that other people can use it too!)

If you are a hospitality business one of the best things you can do for marketing is to plan an events calendar well in advance but this can work for any industry. Remember, these themes will form the base for your events, internal activities, social content…

  • Make it visual and stick it to your wall.

  • Don’t try to do too much or strive for perfection - I put this together in about an hour (a bit longer for making it pretty - I use that term very loosely).

  • Think about what your audience wants.

  • Use the Social Media Calendar for inspiration around dates and themes.

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