Email Marketing Planner

Email Marketing Planner


This free download should have everything you need in an email planning template. Space for tracking isn’t included because this spreadsheet is purely focused on planning and this is probably best left and analysed in your email service provider (I use MailChimp) but of course, you could add columns or another sheet.

Editorial Calendar / Theme
A great starting point for any marketing plan is to work out your broad theme for that month or quarter. They’ll be more on creating editorial calendars in an upcoming email newsletter.

Replace Month 1, 2, etc. with the actual month. Add/delete rows as required.

Date to Send and Time to Send
Test different days of the week and times of the day to send your emails.

What marketing campaign is this email for?

What is the (measurable) objective of the campaign?

Target Audience/Database Segment
Who will this email be targeting? In your email service provider, you’ll be able to segment your database.

Content Creator
Who is responsible for getting the content together for this email?

Subject Line
What will the subject line of your email be?

Subject Line A/B Test
Test a second subject line and send it to half of your database to see which one has the highest open rate.

Call to Action
What do you want people to do after they’ve read this email? Include that action in your email e.g. “Shop Now”, “Join the Club”, “Download Report”.

What will your main metric be for tracking the success of this email e.g. email opens, website visits, sales.

Landing Page Link
Which webpage will your call to action be taking people to?

Link to Email
Add the link to your email when your campaign has been sent for your records.

Track the status - “In Planning”, “Content Complete”, “Sent”.

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