Free Bar and Restaurant Playlists

Free Bar and Restaurant Playlists


Hours of music curated into two Spotify playlists - one for the daytime, and one for evening and nighttime vibes - for you to access for free.

The importance of music is often overlooked in the hospitality industry, but there are four crucial elements to entertaining - food, drink, music and company. Your team and venue’s job is to be the best host for your guests that you can possibly be, time after time, day in, day out.

A good playlist can keep diners and drinkers in your restaurant or bar for hours longer, enjoying themselves and spending money. It can transform the vibe of your place and their experience. Set the volume carefully and the first guests of the day will no longer get that awkward first impression that they’re walking into a dead venue and need to whisper.


Daytime Vibes Playlist (Restaurant / Bar)

Evening / Nighttime Vibes (Restaurant / Bar)

Songs will be continually added to these lists. Play them in order or put them on shuffle.

For a playlist that’s curated especially for your brand, environment and season please get in touch. We can generate hours and hours of brilliant music, tailored to the minute for your venue. Your guests or staff won’t ever get bored of the same song coming on twice or at the same time every day.

To access these playlists you will need a Spotify account (Premium to avoid adverts and to download playlists offline). It’s up to you to ensure you have the correct licences to play the music. Warning: explicit content (indicated next to songs).

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