Your copywriting wing-woman

Making words work for you

A marketer for fifteen years, with a focus on written content. I will essentially become part of your team when you need a copywriter, blogger, an injection of creativity into a campaign, or a project taken off your plate.

Specialising in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors, and with work always grounded in marketing, I can create:

  • blogs and articles based on SEO strategy

  • website, microsite and app content

  • targeted email newsletters

  • persuasive advertising copy and cross-channel marketing campaigns

  • magazines, guides and interviews

  • social strategy and content

  • product and brand names

  • brand guidelines and stories

  • internal communications

  • audio guide scripts

  • edits and proofreads

Get in touch to arrange a call or meeting to discuss your projects and timelines. You'll be sent a quote and then after approval it's time to crack on.

Working client-side and directly with agencies, based between Somerset and London.