It’s the ‘thinking businesses’ way to differentiate and create desirability in 2019. Whether you’re a one-man/woman band or a massive brand, putting a focus on social responsibility makes social, environmental and commercial sense. You'll attract more customers, be helping others, have heart-warming stories to share and get that fuzzy feeling inside.

  1. Do a weekly litter pick outside your premises or a five-minute beach clean.

  2. Plant trees and encourage wildlife in your gardens, local green spaces and in urban areas.

  3. Cut your food miles by using local and seasonal suppliers.

  4. Commit to minimising your food waste - freeze, pickle and cut the ends off herbs and put them in a glass of water.

  5. Eat more veggie and vegan meals to cut your consumption of meat, fish and dairy.

  6. Get involved with local community projects.

  7. Offer entry-level jobs or training opportunities.

  8. Share your facilities.

  9. Stop using takeaway coffee cups, plastic bottles, packaging, straws and cutlery.

  10. Choose your clients and suppliers more carefully looking for Fairtrade, green and ethical credentials.

  11. Volunteer your time or services to charities or social enterprises and support your staff to do the same.

  12. Host a charity event.

  13. Be transparent about the provenance of your products.

  14. Consider rewards or discounts for greener guests or clients.

  15. Make sure your recycling is on point.

  16. Train your staff and educate your customers and ask them for their own ideas.

  17. Do everything you can to offer inclusive opportunities and accessible facilities for employees and customers and make them feel welcome - think about people with families, all different types of special needs, genders, cultures and sexualities.

  18. Pay the living wage as a minimum and don’t have a gender pay gap.

  19. Promote wellbeing and healthy living for your customers and staff.

  20. Offer flexible working conditions.

Don’t just say it, act it. Give your customers a reason to become part of your story.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash