Your marketing planning for 2019 should be well underway but if planning hasn’t quite gone to plan, here are four easy steps to get it started…

4 Easy Steps To Get Your 2019 Marketing Planning Started

1. No interruptions, no excuses
Start by dedicating two hours to planning - no interruptions, no excuses. This will give you a strong start, and starting is always the hardest part.

2. Write down the dates
Get all your key dates in the planner - the things that you know are happening.

3. Add the activity and more detail
Now work out what activity you might be doing around each event. What channels will you be using to promote it? Who will be responsible? What budget will you need? When will you need to start working on it to have everything ready in time? Get this all down on your planner.

4. Track and measure
Finally, work out how you’ll be tracking each activity.   

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5 Ways To Do Content A Bit Differently In 2019

1. Interview people

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing over the last year is interviewing people and finding out their stories. You could do this with customers, team members or other influential people in your industry.  

2. Make it less obvious

Instead of creating content about all the things that everyone else is doing it about, look for less obvious things that you can make themes out of. Really Good Emails did a “Happy” themed email newsletter recently noting that it was five years since the big hit single was released and including a couple of fun facts about the song.

3. Rehash content

Transform old content into a guide, infographic or eBook. A blog could be turned into a video, multiple tweets or an email newsletter.

4. Give the people what they want

Dedicate time to thinking about what content your people (customers) really want. (Which, by default, is also what Google wants.) Try your ideas for a while then review and change if you need to. Last year my content was more about travel and restaurant reviews, and while I still might write a few blogs about that, my database has been growing from people downloading marketing resources, and I’m guessing you probably want more marketing resources, templates and tips (let me know if that is or isn’t true), so I’ve written my 2019 plans around this.  

5. Quality, not quantity

Don’t just churn out any old crap. Instead of doing lots of meaningless things could you dedicate your time to making something really valuable. Berry Bros & Rudd have a beautiful bi-annual printed publication called No.3 ‘designed to promote the appreciation of wines and spirits and other aspects of good living.’

What You Should Be Preparing For February…

#FinallyFebruary will be one of the first hashtags you’ll see trending next month. Your activity should appeal to that sense of relief that we’ve made it through the most miserable month of the year, through the abstinence and the longest wait for a payday.

Big events in February include #ValentinesDay, #ChineseNewYear, #SuperBowlSunday and #PancakeDay.

It’s also #GroundhogDay, #GlobalScouseDay, #NationalPizzaDay and #UKPunDay.

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