If you like running you’ve probably seen some of his videos and posts that have gone viral on Facebook and Instagram. His content is ‘not for sensitive snowflakes’ but it is stand out, funny and shareable. He’s set up the perfect sales funnel and coaches 150 members remotely. It also helps that he’s a bloody good running coach (I should know).

What’s your business?
Running God. Or Coach.

Why do you use email marketing?
Social media is so busy now that I think having your emails read by someone is way more personal. It suits my personality too when it comes to storytelling. Plus I like the idea of people hiding in the toilet at work to read them (apparently).

How do you use it (in terms of content and frequency)?
It used to be daily and it should still be but sometimes I slip. No less than four per week though. You cannot write them too often - just be too boring.

What’s the most successful email campaign you’ve done?
When I started out I wrote 20 emails straight before anyone signed up to anything, back then it was my local training group. The email that got my first member was about the fact that during winter I would wait for dog sh*ts to be frozen before picking them all up in the garden. I had 40 people on my email list, six unsubscribed and one signed up. From that point, I knew I was on to a winner.

What other marketing channels do you use?
I have used Facebook for quite a few years but in the last 12 months concentrated on Instagram too. Everything has one goal though - to get you on my email list.

Marketing-wise, what do you know now that you wish you’d known a couple of years ago?
A wise man once told me that 'there is no point having a voice if you cannot be heard'.

How do you make time for marketing?
Easy, its almost top priority. Looking after my current members comes first but after that, it's marketing in some way, from a simple post, an email or a paid campaign.

What’s your number one tip for running a business?
Don't try an go it alone or on the cheap. I have spent lots of time (and money) with people who I already respected. They fast tracked my learning and still do. It’s what I expect I am doing for runners. I am a running coach, not a marketer. But you cannot run your own business and NOT learn about marketing. Oh, and focus all your attention on building an email list.

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